Wedding Presentation Rose

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Although there are pre-shortened pixie pins, I often used regular pearl colored corsage pins.  They come in many shades that match ribbon and wire colors.  You can easily shorten them yourself, but you must take care not to have flying shards of pin shanks go flying off that can damage eyes.  Always use eye protection and bury the shanks in Styrofoam before cutting.

I first secure the loose end of the ribbon by temporarily sticking a pin in place to hold the ribbon.

With a short pin, secure the ribbon into place before cutting or removing the longer pin.  Always point the tip of the short pin upwards so that the point is buried in the thick rose stem.  If it protrudes out the back it can damage clothing or harm hands.

Add a second pin below the first. Again, point the shortened shank upwards to be sure the tip is securely buried in the stem.

Cut the end of the ribbon off with a sharp pair of shears once the ribbon is secured with the shortened pins.

Sheer ribbon is slippery, so you must be sure it is wound tightly so it won't come loose later on.

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