wedding pew flower

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A wedding pew flower can be made quickly with a shaped foam heart from Oasis.  Before starting to insert flowers or greenery, be sure to first allow the foam to "float soak" so it can absorb as much water as possible.  Unlike other Oasis foam products, this will not always sink because of the plastic backer.

If you need to hang the heart, tie either wire or tulle to both sides at the top, cutting a groove into the foam.  Leave long enough ends to tie together later.  This works well for tying around pew ends and window ledges.

A full grower's bunch of salal is packed by weight rather than number of stems.

The stems on some leaves can be rather fragile and slender, so I just attach by pinning it in place with a pearl headed corsage pin.

Overlap the leaves, moving around the outer parameter of the heart foam.

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