heart pew decoration

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This heart pew decoration is fast and easy to create.  If you are using delicate flowers, simply green the heart up ahead of time and flower in at the church.

When you reach the top center of the heart, fold the leaves in half in order to emphasize the heart shape.  You want the shape to be easily distinguished once the design is done.

I spray all my greenery pieces with a Leaf Shine.  This cleans off hard water residue, dirt and pollen from all types of floral greenery and seals it with a glossing finish.

I love seeded eucalyptus!  It's so versatile and adds so much visual interest to any design, whether a decoration for a church, a centerpiece for the reception, a bouquet to carry and flowers to wear.

I'm going to put a thick border of the seeds from the eucalyptus first, right on top of the salal leaves.  Be careful not to cover up all of the salal, as their leaves are actually part of the visual design.

The seeded eucalyptus has dense enough stems to push easily into the florist foam.

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