Wedding Pew Decorations

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You'll be amazed how different the same greened design looks with different flowers and a deep color.

Be sure to remove the outer guard petals, that are left on during shipment to protect the inner rose.  Leave them on until you are ready to design so to a perfect rose before inserting into the design.

Place the first rose squarely in the center facing outwards.  Place another rose straight up at the top, 90 degrees angle to the first rose.

Place the third rose on the bottom, flaring out slightly to the right.

You begin to fill in your design with the placement that you like.  Again, don't be too perfect with the symmetry of the design.  Be more casual and not perfectly spaced apart. 

Think about the direction your flower heads face.  Pew decor is viewed from all angles and you have to make each view a lovely one.

Insert the final rose to the left.  You could continue adding more roses, even sweetheart roses for a variety in the texture and size.  Still - this would be perfectly fine as is to create a beautiful look down your wedding aisle.

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