wedding orchids bouquet

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This wedding orchids bouquet will be lush with long trailing dendrobium orchids and a lovely focal point with two beautiful cymbidiums in the center. I'll be using these bright green hypericum berries to compliment the cool white tones of the orchids.

I cut the laterals of the hypericum berries and inserted one cluster in the upper right of this wedding orchids bouquet.

I then added another set on the mid left of the bouquet holder.

I added more seeded eucalyptus to the left of the top snapdragon.

Now it's time for these gorgeous white cymbidium orchids.  They all have large headed blooms with a short lateral coming off a main stem.  You will need to wire each bloom individually as they do not have long enough stems of their own.

Tuck the two orchids, one on the upper left and the second in the center.

I'm now going to insert ming fern clustered around the hypericum berries.

I tucked a cluster in between the top snapdragon and the one to the right of it.

I placed a second mass of ming fern down in the lower left - opposite of the stems I just placed in the upper right.  It's all about balance . . . but don't work at keeping it "too perfect".  

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