Wedding Head Table

For this wedding head table, I want the center of the table to be the focal point.  After I've filled in the bricks of florist foam with leather leaf fern, I will create a center of interest around the Oasis sphere.

You can see from a top view that the bricks of foam are well concealed by the greenery.  The greens on the sides should first angle up, pushing into the foam so that the fern drapes downward with the tips lightly brushing the table top.

That conceals the "no show" utility container so that all you see is greens.  The next layer up should begin to bring the fern straight out, until the stems of fern on the top of the bricks stand straight upward.

I then cut apart some tree fern, tucking the delicate fronds in between the leather leaf to lighten the look and add some textural interest.

I chose to add green boxwood around the round sphere to give more definition.  I literally wanted that round ball of flowers to stand out.

You can see that even though the boxwood is very similar in color to the leather leaf fern, it definitely has a texture contrast surround the foam ball.

I did want to show you what the piece would have looked like had I decided to add the two smaller spheres on the end.  The goal was to have many different styles of flower balls tucked in down the table edge.  

I did accomplish that look, but as you can see as we continue that I stayed with only the single sphere in the center for this particular part of the table design.

This is to let you know that you should trust your designing instincts.  Sketch out your look, but don't be afraid to make changes as you go.  You should, however, stay with your flower count allotted for each and every arrangement, or you may run short of flowers unless you ordered in extra.

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