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Wedding Head Table

Filling in Foam Ball

I want to be quick and fast when I finish up my table decor at the venue.  I want to put hydrangeas in the center.  Problem.  Hydrangeas SHOULD be kept in water and refrigerated if possible.  They are a water loving plant and I don't like to take chances with them.

My greens and carnations stay looking fine for 2 or 3 days - but I'm not wanting my hydrangeas to go through that kind of stress.  I'd rather keep them cool and refrigerated if I can.  This piece is MUCH too large to put into my home fridge.

So I'm going to leave this part unflowered for now.  I'm going to keep the foam wet by dribbling more water on it each day.  For now - I moved on to other flower arrangements and considered this finished at this point.

Take a close look at the lovely ring of carnations, rice flower, boxwood and then the darker green of the leather leaf fern.  They are have a lovely contrast that simply pops with color.

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