wedding flower decoration

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I love this wedding flower decoration made with pink Gerberas, larkspur and gladiolus!  It is certainly pretty in pink, but could also be made a other colors as well.  Don't ever look at a design because of it's color, but because you like the arrangement!  It's easy to search out flower substitutes and still following a flower recipe.  For this particular flower arrangement, you'll need the following florist supplies and fresh wedding flowers:

Always start by processing your flowers correctly.  Please don't skip the recommended products.  These have been perfected over the years, really do work much better than any "home remedy" and will keep your flowers fresh longer!  Change out water, add water to your foam arrangements as needed and always spray the completed design with either Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.

This is a one sided design.  Arrange the flowers as shown in the photo.  If you need more help with the design process, be sure to check out the step by step altar tutorials and those for centerpieces.  They are filled with tips and tricks used by professional florists.

This arrangement looks even better as a mirror design.  That simply means you create the same arrangement, with the same amount of flowers . . . but they are mirror images of each other.  Long stems that go out to the left on one design will go out to the right on the other.

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