wedding flower decoration

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This wedding flower decoration is one sided and would work well anywhere a large floral is needed, such as an entry way, an altar decoration or a one sided banquet table.

To create a similar look, you need the following fresh flowers, florist tools and florist supplies:

Always start by processing your flowers correctly immediately upon arrival.  I have tried to lay it out exactly as a professional florist would do it.  Your wedding flowers are too important to skip the recommended products and procedures.  The flowers really will last long if cut under water, dipped in a solution designed to open up and create a fast uptake of water, and fed the right amount of flood supplied as an additive in the water.    If you don't have a walk in cooler, it's imperative that you treat your flowers correctly to give them a long life up to and through your wedding day!

If you need more help on the design steps, be sure to check out the step by step tutorials for large urns and altar flowers.  After finishing, make sure your stems stay in place by using Floralock Stem Adhesive.  Mist well with either Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.

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