Wedding Flower Bouquets

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Diamante pins are used both to hold the collar in place and added as a decorative accent in among the flower heads in the bouquet.  They can also be used to pin on corsages and boutonnieres.

The heads are not actual rhinestones and do not have any foil backing that can cause "black dots" in your wedding photos.

They are available in different colors -including clear, red, blue, apple green and pink.

The steel shank can be cut down as you would a regular corsage pin, but please do it carefully using all the safety precautions.

Drop the completed collar over the back of the bouquet holder.  The "inner circle" should be just inside the foam slots on the bottom of the bouquet holder.

Dip Diamante pins into floral adhesive and then push them through the fabric and cardboard and into the Oasis Foam as shown below.

Carefully turn the bouquet holder right side up and rest in a vase for the rest of the design process.  Do not dislodge the pins.  Using floral adhesive should keep them secure, even in wet foam.

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