wedding church decoration

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This wedding church decoration is beginning to take shape!  I'm now adding this beautiful stock flower.  It comes in pinks, lavenders, purples, whites and cream colors.  It looks mashed when it arrives, but it opens up to a gorgeous mass of blooms with a heavenly scent.

I'm beginning to tilt these flowers forward a bit.  This lavender is a nice contrast to the deep purples.  Too many dark colors without a contrasting color to brighten it up can seem really dark in your wedding photos.

You can continue to "fill in" the empty spaces between other flower stems.

Not all "purples" or "pinks" are the same in grower's eyes.  They can totally call a red-violet flower a "blue rose".  Keep this in mind when you order your flowers.  Growers do not match their flower colors to a box of crayons.  Plan for your flowers to contrast and compliment your wedding gowns, rather than be an exact match.

The design is filling in with all the linier flowers and we are now ready to start adding those with a bigger head mass.

Spider mums come with a protective, flexible head that pulls off easily.  Draw it off with the lines of the mums.  Do not drawn it down the stem against the leaves and petals.

The flower heads will open up naturally to it's full beauty when it starts drawing up more water.  Blow gently on the flower head it you want it to open it more quickly.

I'm placing the first spider mum at the top, centered in the middle and facing upwards.

Angle the flower heads out in different directions,  such as this one facing to the left side while it's counterpart faces to the right on the opposite side.

Stagger the flower heads downward, filling in some of the big open spaces towards the center.  Note the stock flower coming straight forward in the bottom.

At this point you can stop if you're trying to conserve on flower costs.  Obviously there is more open spaces than can be filled in with more blooms, such as roses, carnations or miniature button pomps.

I've set this design up on the pillar candle stand, so you can get a feel for the height and width of the final piece.  This is why I advocate greenery, which allows less of a flower mass than if you had a design with nothing but flowers.  

If you don't want the greens, place something like hydrangeas close in the center to cover up the design cage and foam mechanics of the piece.

I will not fasten this piece to the candle stand until it is transported to the church.  It's much easier to transport in the two pieces rather than to worry that the candle stick will fall over and break off flower stems.

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