wedding chair decorations

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This wedding chair decoration is now going to begin with bright red roses.  Cut the rose stems about 2 1/2" to 3" long.

Keep in mind during the insertion of the rose heads that the faces will be seen while hanging from the sides of the wedding chairs.

The angles have to be beautiful and finished from all angles.

Fill in the open holes with small yellow rosebuds.  Cluster in tightly near the bases of the red roses.

Tuck in the yellow buds around from all sides, filling in the holes between the ming and the largest red roses.

Turn your arrangement around, assuring yourself that all the mechanics are hidden once the design is complete.

Tuck Kangaroo Paw in between all the flower heads.  You can leave the stems longer if you like a more abstract look.

If you do want the longer stems, wait until the arrangements are placed on the chairs before adding.  This keeps stems from being broken during transport.

Limonium is a lovely filler flower.  I doesn't take much to add in the contract of purple against the other bright colors.

Lily grass can create a long trailing effect from under the bottom the of chair decoration when hung.  Tape 3 - 4 blades together with stem wrap and insert into th bottom of the design once hung from the wedding chair.

Here is the final look, with the longer kangaroom paws in place and also includes several blades of Lily Grass dropping down from the main design.

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