wedding chair decorations

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Wedding chair decorations such as the aisle flowers shown in the image below, can be easily changed to your own wedding color palette.

Products, fresh flowers and other florist supplies you will need to create a design similar to the photo below:  

A vibrant cluster of red roses, orange rosebuds and accents of Kangaroo Paw create a striking wedding chair decoration.

Start by soaking your Grande Iglu in water that has been treated with water treated with a professional flower food.  Do not force the foam under the water, but allow it to sink slowly until it was absorbed all the water it can.  This prevents dry areas that can happen if the soaking if forced.

Tape two pieces of florist wire with white stem wrap.  Twist this wire on both sides of the iglue, in the hole in the tabs.  These wires will be used later to attach to the wedding chairs.  If you wish, you can slip ribbon if you prefer through the hole tabs and use that to attach the wedding chair decorations.

It is harder to add these connections later, so it is advisable to do it before adding greens or flowers.

Bright green salal leaves are a beautiful contrast against the deep red roses.

Cutting several of the leaves short, insert a ring of them around the bottom of the Oasis Iglu.

Add in short sprigs of ming fern on top of the salal base.

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