wedding chair decorations

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Now let's begin to add in the flowers.  You don't have to have an overabundance of flowers to make a beautiful look.  Let's start by cutting the spray roses into sections and inserting into the left side of the holder.

Create a trail of roses by inserting another stem up into the bottom of the holder.  

Now add a bright spot of contrasting color with a large open rose.  This is a peach tone, but it can be any standard rose that fits into your own wedding color scheme.

Finishing by closing any open holes with a few more pieces of the eucalyptus.

Take a good look and be sure that all your mechanics (the foam and plastic of the bouquet holder) is concealed by the greenery and the flowers.

Fill in within an odd flower or two, or a few more sprigs of silver dollar!  Once you are satisfied with the overall look, use Floralock Stem Adhesive to lock the stems into place.  Shake well and be sure the glue is well aerated before inserting the red straw in between the flower heads.  Squirt around the stems where they are inserted into the foam.

Remember short bursts, as too much can cause the glue to leak down the handle of the bouquet holder.

Be sure to mist the finished bouquet well with Finishing Touch Flower Sealant.  Store in a cool place until the wedding day.  Dribble more water as needed to keep the foam wet.

These wedding chair decorations look lovely on this intimate bridal table setting at the reception.  You can make matching flowers for the tables.

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