wedding ceremony decor

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Wedding ceremony decorations seem larger when you use large, tall greenery.  The same is true for flowers.

I usually begin flowering my altar sprays with a tall, linear flower.  This means the flowers have a long stem and create the framework for your final size of the design.

I've chosen to use liatris.  It has long stems with a spikey purple blooms coming out of the top.

The flower is very hardy and comes 10 stems to a bunch.  It adds bright color to the arrangement.  

You can deepen or lighten the color by using a flower tint.  The blooms could be changed by using pink, blue or a deeper purple.

I begin my wedding ceremony decor by placing the tall liatris right in the center of the floral, straight up and down.  Once again, see how the long lines draw your eye upward and out.  If you are limited on height with your delivery vehicle, you may have to add these particular flowers at the wedding church.

Liatris will give you the nice, tall lines that will frame out your overall design.

As you work your way down from the center (1st stem), you can begin angling your liatris outward until the bottom.

Alternate sides, staggering down as you go.

At the bottom, insert the flower stem in from the side at a 90 degree angle from the center, upright stem of liatris.

Point some of your flower stems towards the back.  Remember, the sides of this design will be seen by guests sitting to the right and left of the bride and groom.  Don't forget a shorter stem inserted into the bottom, pointing straight out to the front.

Oriental lilies are added next.  Largest blooms (like these) are usually considered to be the focal flowers of your bouquet design.  Keep in mind that if you plan to include Oriental lilies to your designs, they take much longer to open than other flowers do.

I usually recommend that most flowers be ordered three days in advance.  In other words, if you are planning a Saturday wedding you should have the flowers arrive at your house by Wednesday.  Orientals, however, take longer to open.  They are an expensive flower and will require separate overnight shipping - more likely the Monday in advance.

As the flowers open, they reveal the stamen,  which is where the pollen is produced.  These flowers have a lovely scent - but it is pretty strong.  If you are at all allergic, it might be best to choose a different flower.

I center the large blooms right in the middle of the floral design.

Stagger the blooms down, shortening the bottom flowers deep into the middle.

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