Wedding centerpiece vases

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Wedding centerpiece vases are finished off with additional  (and longer) stems of naked eucalyptus.  If you love the leaves, use regular seeded eucalyptus that has the leaves still attached.

Just fill in here or there, inserting enough pieces to give a desirable draping feel to the seed clusters.

Finish up with a touch of bling.  In this design, it's strung pearls looped around the centerpiece vases.  Don't use beads that spill out when cut, but rather those permanently strung on a line or filament.  You'll need wooden picks to attach to the end of the pearls, wrapping them tightly to the wooden pick with the attached wire.

Insert the wooden pick deeply into the wet foam.  The wood is very porous and swells up after being in the wet foam, ensuring a tighter fit into the florist foam.

If you wish to float rose petals, a single flower bud or other items, you'll need to fill the vase before placing the plate on the top.  The florist clay gives a tight seal and is hard to remove without difficultly if you forget your vase fillers or water beads and try to take it off later.

Don't forget to mist well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory flower sealant.  If you don't have access to a refrigerator, turn a room up high with air conditioning and darken the room.  Keep the flowers away from heat vents or windows with sunlight.  Using a cool mist air humidifier works well in keeping the flowers moist as well.  Always check your foam daily and see if water needs to be added to an arrangement.  Remember these are living flowers and they will drink a lot of water each day.

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