Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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Take up two callas and press their stems together.  One flower head needs to be higher than the other, as you will stagger the heads as you tape the flowers together.

Using stretch corsage tape, tape the stems together, pulling the tape as you wind it around the stems.  The tape becomes sticky, and will adhere to itself.

Be generous with your taping, as you want to be sure the flowers stay in place.

Lay a third calla stem next to the first two and continue to tape into place.

Note how the heads are angled.  The point of the highest call is straight backwards, the other two points are angled out to the right and to the left.

Once those three are firmly taped together, add another calla stem.

Again, take care as to the placement and how the flower stem is angled before taping.

Add a fifth calla stem to the bouquet.

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