how to make a centerpiece

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Learn how to make a centerpiece for your own wedding tables.  I have many step by step tutorials, covering everything from bubble bowls to tall showcase pieces.  Each tutorial takes you through the process complete with pictures.

The key to DIY wedding flowers is to be organized and have as much prep work done as possible before your wholesale flowers are delivered.  This means setting up a workspace, covering the floor with a tarp or other protective covers and assembling tools and pre-filling water buckets.  You want to be ready to process your flowers as soon as they arrive.  Do NOT set them aside to do later.  

At this point, they are considered to be in a dry pack state and need to be re-hydrated as quickly as possible.  This tutorial shows how to make a large Calla Lily bouquet, and then securing it in a bubble bowl for show as a lovely reception centerpiece vase.

You'll need the following products.

If you want to carry the Callas as an arm bouquet, you can have the bubble bowl greened and ready to slip your bridal bouquet into.

Okay . . it's time to move on and learn how to make a centerpiece!