wedding cakes with fresh flowers

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Wedding cakes with fresh flowers have to be prepared in a method that adheres to sanitation practice so not to contaminate the cake.  Read through the step by step tutorials found in Cake Gallery 1

To create the cake shown in the photo below, you will need the following fresh flowers and hard goods:

Begin by reading through this tutorial on preparing your flowers for insertion into cake.   Next follow the link to learn how to wire soft leaves.  Tape the stems of the roses with white stem wrap.Cut your wax paper into small 3" circles and cut a small "x" in the center of each one. 

The long wooden skewers work better than toothpicks for the top of the cake where you need some height.  Follow the insertions of the roses as shown in the photo below.  Always slip the round wax paper circles onto the skewer before inserting the flower onto the cake.  Take care to point the face heads in the different directions as shown.

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