Wedding Bouquet Idea

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I'm going to use two different roses to create a lovely contrast of color in this bouquet design.  The first rose is a two toned look, soft buttery yellow with peachy rose tips.

You can see it pulls out the color of the strong pink wire very well.

I'm keeping the stems of the rose short, since there is around 22 stems to go into this head of foam.  That's a lot of stems and I want to be sure there is room for them all.

If possible, it is a good idea to keep your bouquets and cut flowers in refrigeration if available.  Turn a regular fridge up a little warmer than usual and be careful not to put anything too close to the back, since it is usually colder there and you don't want to freeze your flowers.

This bright Jade rose is stunning and I wanted it was my contrast and to match the apple green decorative wire.

You can already tell that the bouquet is going to have a lot of interesting elements, even if you are just creating a simple solid rose design.

I cluster the rose heads together, inserting the in the foam only about an inch.  Take care that the flower heads don't cover up that cool wire collar.

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