Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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You can see I'm alternating the rose colors, inserting a pink rose, then a jade and then another pink, taking care that they are clustered close together.

These heads are facing outwards from the side, creating a beautiful ring of roses all around the perimeter of the bouquet.

Here's a front view of the bouquet.

I then move in closer to the center, gradually filling in the design.

As you get into the center, you can judge whether you need to tighten up or loosen up the rose placement in order to cover all the remaining foam.  The rose heads will continue to open if you keep the foam watered.

Here's a closeup of the placement of the last remaining roses.

Those beautiful soft colors blend so well.  If needed you can tuck some short solidego in to cover up any foam showing.  Just keep it very short not to take away from the solid rose effect.

I like the "imperfection" of the final placed roses.  The final cluster gives similar colors together, taking away from a "cookie cutter" look.  

Openings between the roses can be filled in with solidego and is a place to cluster some bouquet jewels later.

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