Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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You will need a pair of wire cutters for a clean cut and a rounded object to wrap this mallable wire around.

Something common like a small soup can works well.  I use something like this just to be sure my circles of wire stay uniform in size.

I did squeeze each circle gently between my hands to give it a nice even oval shape as shown.

Twist the wire down far enough to give you a stem to insert into the wet foam of the bouquet holder.

I also curved each rounded oval backwards slightly, again using the side of the soup can.  Now the ovals bend backwards, creating a nice curved effect after inserted into the bouquet holder.

You can either space the ovals apart evenly or overlap them slightly for a blended effect.

Once my pink wire was inserted, I now created the apple green ovals and insert THEM into the holder, once again overlapping in a uniform manner.

How many loops you create is up to you.  Each roll of wire comes in a generous 39' roll.

You can see how a cool bouquet collar is forming - much better than the old fashioned lace collars!

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