Wedding Bouquet Ideas

I choose this solidego filler because it hasn't quite matured yet and still has a very "lime green" cast to it.  Keep in mind that this flower does turn into a bright yellow as it matures, so if you want to keep with the green tones you may want to choose greenery like salal or leather leaf fern.

I want to be sure that I don't overshadow my unique wire collar with the solidego.

Keep the tips of the solidego short so the wire still shows.

One florist bunch has plenty of laterals and works well to cover up the back and mechanics of this bouquet such as the white cage.

How dense you want the greens to be is up to you.  Work the laterals gently into the foam near the insertion point of the wires.

Insert the greens evenly around the diameter of the bouquet.

I'm going to use some of the solidego to cover up the back and underside of the bouquet holder as well.  I like for every bouquet I create to look beautiful and finished from all viewpoints.

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