Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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Using your wire cutters, carefully snip off any stems from the greenery that shows below the tape on the calla stems.  I want only calla stems to "show" on this bouquet.

Some of the stems (especially the ming) can be a little tough.  You'll need to use a firm pressure to snip the stem off cleanly.

If the calla stems are too long, you can trim down to a shorter length.  You need to judge the length by inserting it into the bubble bowl.  The stems need to be long enough to to lightly touch the bottom of the bubble bowl.

If you are using this as a bridal bouquet, you'll need the tape to be long enough down the stem for the bride to grasp as she carries the bouquet.

The tape will soon be covered with a ribbon wrap to disguise the mechanics of this bouquet.

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