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Ti Leaves

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Floral designers love being creative with these large broad Ti leaves.  Folding them over, however, can be a problem because of the thick stem ridge that runs up the underside of the leaf.

It's easily accomplished, however, so you can get more design looks out of this versatile greenery.

Simply run the flat blade of your knife under the bottom side of the leaf, slicing off that ridge with your knife blade.

Take care not to slice through your leaf (thus spoiling the look).  

Your aim is to simply remove that stiff spine so the overall leaf is more flexible.

Once it is removed, your leaf from the front will look unchanged.

But the back side is smooth and flexible.

I then doubled the leaf over and yes!  That is a regular office stapler.  Just a few taps staple that leaf into place.

Be careful and space the staples apart to not weaken the cell structure of the leaf.

Now this broad leaf bends easily over into a perfect loop, ready to insert into my greenery design!

I needed one more staple to secure both sides of the leaf into place.

The staples will be easily concealed by other greens and flowers and won't be noticeable later.

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