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Wedding Arch Flowers

Continuing to Green in the Arrangement

I now insert that folded Ti leaf into the center portion of the Spray Bar.

This shortening of the center gives a "spray" feel.  If you want a more overall evenness to the design, don't emphasize a spray center, but insert leaves at random in from all angles.

See how the Ti leaves almost have a folded "ribbon" look in the center?  Creative texturing is part of floral design, mixing and matching greenery to have a three dimensional look before inserting your flowers.

Fill in with more loops or grasses - or even some random leather leaf fern or other green varieties.

Add more length with more sweeping lengths of grasses if you wish.

As you can see - there is still plenty of foam space to add in thick stemmed flowers.  These bigger leaves cover up the mechanics quicker than smaller leaf varieties.

At the bottom of the pieces I always angle down to "finish off" the look near the ground portion of the arch.

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