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Wedding Arch Flowers

Line Flowers

Don't feel limited by my flower choices.  During the summer time gladiolus are abundant and cheap for the amount of blooms and coverage, so I love these bright, linear flowers.

They come dry packed in tight lines so the blooms aren't damaged during transport.  You'll have to give these beauties a day or two to open up to their full glory.

Snapdragons are a favorite line flower of mine.  They are hardy and available in many colors and hues.

Any flowers with a long stem can be used to add color to these long floral swags.  Here are a couple bunches of alstroemeria still opening.

Even long stemmed roses can be used - just don't strip the greens off (since this flower was used for a different demonstration!)

After my gladiolus had a chance to open, I sized the stem up against the flower swag to determine how long I wanted to leave the stem.

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