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Wedding Arch Flowers

Cutting the Flower Stems

Some of the larger flowers have tough stems (particularly ones such as sunflowers).  You'll want to make a sharp, angled cut for easier insertion into the Spray Bar.

After I make an eye judgement of how long I want to leave the stem, I slit the film and insert the stem into the foam.

I pulled aside some of the leaves so you could see where I made the cut and inserted at an upward angle.

The stem insertion point is concealed by the tropical leaves, but plenty of the blooming gladiolus comes down out of the bottom of the arrangement.

Pull back so you can see the overall length and see just how this one swag can cover most of one side of an archway.  You can make a longer one by using a raquette instead of a spray bar.

I inserted another gladiolus at the top for balance.

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