Wedding Arch Flowers

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I added more contrast for this wedding by using a lighter shade of gladiolus.  I could have switch to a different flower variety for another effect.

I cut this flower length shorter, to come in at an angle on the left side and inserted more in the center.

I pulled aside the leaves to show the corner where I'm going to cut my slit and insert the stem.

The left angled out to the side, giving a wider dimension to this design.

I pulled back for an overall shot so you can begin to appreciate the size of the design.

I continue adding another, slightly shorter stem of the lighter pink.

I cut an even shorter piece for the upper right insertion.

I don't want the leaves shoved awkwardly to the side, exposing the spray bar, so I slit the actual leaves and inserted some stems right through the leaf itself.

You can see the color quickly pops out, give a hot tropical feel to these arch flowers.