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The wedding arch decorations on this wooden trellis is a mixture of greens and lavender and pink flowers.   For a step by step, go to the detailed arch tutorial which will help you figure out how many flowers to order and the type of florist foam needed.

You need the following products and fresh flowers to duplicate the same look and feel:

Here's a closeup.  You will need three cages, one in the corner and two on each side.   Be sure BEFORE greening and flowering that you attach wire trailers that you can get to easily to attach the cages to the arch.  Many forget this and it's a headache trying to do it after the flowers are in.

Green in all the cages.  When you begin flowering, start with your largest blooms first (the hydrangeas) and then follow with the secondary flowers.

Finishing by filling in with Baby's Breath, saving some for after you attach the cages, so you can "join" all three cages together, making it look like one seamless arrangement.

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