wedding arch decorations

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This wedding arch decorations is heavy on rustling greenery, with a center clutch of flowers at the draping point.  The designer took advantage of the long stems of Italian Ruscus to make this long lined flower decoration.

You'll need the following fresh flowers, florist products and greenery to create a similar look:

Italian Ruscus has long lines that work very well for this type of design.  You, however, need to build a strong combination of florist foam that can help give even longer lines and a bigger cage in the middle to support the weight of both flowers and greenery.

You can see there is a mix of greens and flowers at the draping point, while Italian Ruscus makes long sweeping lines above and below the flower cage.

The ruscus have very small, slender branches, so Oasis Spray Bars will help boost the long laterals up higher and down to the grown at the bottom.

Take two wooden stakes and insert in the top of the big center cage.  Do the same at the lower part of the big cage.

Squirt Floralock at all the joining areas of the stakes to the spray bars to the large cage.   Attach chenille stems or florist wire to the four corners of the largest cage, to give you solid attach points for the cage to the arch draping point.

For more detailed on attaching Oasis foam to arches and canopies, check out the step by step tutorials at the Beginning Gallery.

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