Votive Candle Centerpieces

Easy Fresh Flower Tutorials

Long laterals of greenery can be just as interesting and beautiful as long laterals of flowers!  Look at the intricate detailing of this lovely sword fern.

A couple of elongated pieces give some height, angling out towards the back of this one sides piece.  If you want an all around piece seen from all sides, simply insert flowers on the backside as well.

I love interesting foliage.  Bear grass is fine and thin and works well for smaller centerpieces.  Larger florals need bigger grasses like Lily Grass and Steel Grass.

You can use your wooden Cowee picks to wire individual loops of grass.

You can also wire several blades of grass for an interesting addition to your design.

See how I tucked similar grass loops under the sword fern and on the bottom left.

You can add free standing glassware once the piece is set on the table to add more visual interest.

Free Flower Tutorials