unity candle sets

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Purchase unity candle sets or you can skip them simply by buying a large candle pillar for the center of this oval wreath.  Although the actual unity candle for this design is going to be placed on the pillar stand, it will set directly on the table surface. I will, however, tape the outer taper candle holders into a placement in the wreath itself.  

You'll notice that I gave even more dimension and height to this wreath by adding in a glittery decorative stem into the right side of the foam and created a standing arch across the back of the design.  The bride provided these as she purchased them from a display of  Christmas decorations.  You can easily substitute lily grass for the same effect if you wish.

I placed the first taper holder on the right side, making sure it is standing exactly where I want it to be.

Then I secured it in place with several wraps of waterproof floral tape.  (You can do this step before any greening at all if you prefer).  I did the same for the individual holder on the left side.

You'll notice where the wreath breaks and falls over the table I inserted more of the curved glitter sprays.  

If you wish, you can use lily grass to simulate a similar effect.

I'm now inserting lemon leaf tips, shortened and inserted directly into the foam of the wreath.  This broad leaf is available all year round and provides an interesting color and shape contrast to the design.

This leaf type is very durable and even dries to a nice addition to any dried arrangements you want to create.

Use a few well placed lemon leaves to conceal the taped portion of the taper candle holders.

Don't forget to conceal the taped portion on the right side as well.

Insert more lemon leaf around the parimeter of the entire wreath.  I used a few longer sections at the bottom portion, where I elongated the leather leaf fern as well to simulate a cascade effect off the table.

I don't know if you can tell, but I've placed a silver platter I purchased from a dollar store under the center candle.  This provides a nice reflective surface and will protect the wooden altar table nicely from any drips from the candle.  A small mirror can be used for the same purpose.

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