unique unity candles

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Truly unique unity candles may take a little more work - but you'll be loving the end results!  Now's the time to start greening in our Oasis Spray Bar with a mix of different greens.

I find it easier to poke a tiny slit with my floral knife to insert the slender stem of the leather leaf fern.

Start your greens at the bottom and insert the first greens at an upward slant.  This makes the tips of the leather leaf fern lightly brush the table top.  You'll be placing your greens at different angles as you add more.  They will go from a downward slant, then moving into a straight out insertion and finally an upward direction as you get closer to the top of the bar.

Greenery helps conceal the mechanics of a floral design.  The dark green of the poly film already conceals the foam and it will so merge into the background with more and more greenery.

Your spray bar may only be 12 inches long, but you can extend your greenery out longer and wider, increasing the side of your final design by the length of your greens (and flowers, if you choose to add some).

Now I'm using Boxwood.  I lovely this fresh little green, which is available in both solid green and in a variegated variety.  Cut them cleanly from the main stem, then strip off the bottom leaves to make insertion easier into the  Oasis spray bar.

I continue poking tiny slits into the film to make insertion into your foam easier.  Very hard wooden stems easily pierce the film without the need of slitting.

One of my other favorite kinds of greenery is salal tips, also commonly referred to as "lemon leaf".  The large broad leaves are a solid green and the stems can be cut into separate pieces with your knife and use the short stem to push the leaf into the spray bar.

You can definitely see that this growing "unique unity candles" design is going to set your look far above the standard candles you can buy at every discount and/or hobby store.

Continue moving down the length of your Oasis foam, using the different mixed varieties until the Spray Bar is completely greened in.

I am going to add in one more greenery .... seeded eucalyptus.  This is very popular in today's bridal designs.  It's rather unusual, known for it's soft sage color of the leaves and the unique look of it's tiny seeds.  You can even purchase what is know as "naked seeded eucalyptus" - which is a grower's bunch of just the seeds - no leaves at all.

Again - I sell in single grower's bunch, giving you the flowers in the same quantities that professional flower shops use without downsize the standard bunch - plus I allow you to buy one bunch at a time.  Can you image how much greenery you would have if you had to buy five or more of every green shown in this single design?

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