unity candle holder

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This unity candle holder is nearly complete.  The last green I'm adding is seeded eucalyptus.  This greenery has a unique look and color that stands out from other types of bulk greens.

It's the lovely mix of different varieties that really makes this design special!  Keep working your way down until the whole spray bar is filled in.

Don't forget the Floralife Leafshine.  This product is used by professional florists to clean and seal greenery and plants.  Greens rinsed with hard water can dry with a white splotchy reside.  Greenery can also have a powdery look from pollen spores.  A quick spray of Leafshine gives them a glossy clean look.

Once your spray bar is complete - you can begin filling in the heart with roses.  Don't forget to place roses on the sides as well as the front.

You can place them tucked tightly together or you can green in the heart first (as you did with the spray bar) and add less roses.

Here is the look we are duplicating.  Remember you can easily change the look by using different colors, carnations instead of roses, one kind of greenery instead of a mix . . . and the ideas go on and on.  The fun part of floral design is that YOU get to be in control and make the design fit your own personality!

With the two taper candles on separate Iglus, you can place them however you wish, tucking the pillar candle in the front or behind.  If you wish, you could put a unity candle stake on the spray bar and add the piller to the heart arrangement so it is elevated as well.

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