tulle pew marker

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Remember the tulle braid? This tulle braided circle should be about as big around as a Mini Decor holder. The deco holder has tabs on the sides where you can slip in ribbon or a piece of tulle, which can be used to tie it into place in the middle of the pew bow.

It can be a little tricky threading the tulle into the tabs, so I roll a corner of the tulle tightly and poke in just like you were threading a needle. You can also use a thin knife to tuck the tulle into the small slotted tab.

Thread short tulle lengths on both sides of the deco.

Now use those fabric pieces as ties to fasten the deco in the center of the bow. Tie tightly, just as you did the earlier lengths of tulle.

You can see deep into the bow where I tied the deco onto the braided tulle.

Now if you have the bow full enough, the filmy fabric netting should crowd in close, concealing the deco foam.

Here is how your finished bow looks. You are now ready to insert either fresh flowers or silk. Silk you can add right away. I would hold off inserting the fresh flowers until you are ready to go to the church. Then carefully dribble water on each deco until saturated. You can then add the fresh flowers. Otherwise you'd have to store the bows in a cool place and also worry about the flowers or tulle being crushed when transported. It only takes few minutes to insert the flowers once at the church.

Once finished with the tulle, flowers are added to the center of the bow. If you are planning on adding fresh flowers, I suggest you wait until the day of the wedding. Decos are small and the water pulled from them by the fresh flowers would need to be replenished often. Dribble water on the Oasis foam carefully, so not to soil the bow.

Silk flowers, however, can be added whenever you wish. One note: do not store your finished bows in any type of container or bag. Tulle is easily crushed and very difficult to uncrease. Instead, hang your finished bows from hangers and leave out open.

Start by dipping the silk flower stem into white glue. If you are using fresh, use Floral Adhesive, taking care to only put the glue on the SIDES (not the end) of the fresh flower stem.  Putting it on the end prevents the flower from taking up water if the stem end is clogged with glue.  Do not overdo, or you may have glue dripping down on your tulle.

Insert flowers into the foam, being carefully not to get any of the white glue on the bow.

I suggest you insert the flowers at different depths. This will give your bow a more dimensional look.

I like adding some feathery fern or filler (such as Babies Breath) for more added interest.

The bow is just about finished except for the trimming of the tulle. Once you have made one of these, you'll find the others are quicker to do.

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