topiary wedding decorations

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Topiary wedding decorations have to be created in separate components, as transferring centerpieces this tall would be difficult.  For designing this topiary as shown, you'll need the following products:

Note:  Addition of Bulk Greenery can stretch your flower budget and call for less flowers.  Suggestions include:

Constructing the mechanics of a flower topiary requires having the right tools and supplies.  Keep in mind that the assembly has to be in separate pieces to allow you to transport your centerpieces.  

When constructing the lower portion, be sure the foam is firmly secured in the container.  Leave the center open for insertion of the support rod later.

Speaking of support rods . . . you'll need to decide what you are going to use to connect the bottom centerpiece to the top sphere.  Florist foam can be heavy, so your support system has to be strong enough to hold your centerpiece.

Your main support can be a simple dowel rod.   You can conceal it with curly willow branches, flower stems, long strands of greens or birch branches.

You can also use a Lomey Design System.  The different pieces are purchased separately and glued together with Lomey Adhesive.  This is particularly helpful, since they are well balanced and specifically made strong enough to support wet foam.

Insert your choice of support rods part way into the sphere and then remove it.  Shake your Floralock Spray can thoroughly and then spray into the hole made by the rod.  Insert the support rod again deep into the sphere.  Do NOT go all the way through.  Spray around the rod again again after re-inserted into the sphere.  Allow to dry before soaking in water treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.   Floralock Adhesive holds fast, even when wet. 

Green in your Oasis Sphere, flower it, spray the stems with Floralock and finish by misting well with Finishing Touch Flower Sealant.

To transport, I generally take a large box, notch one end to rest the support rod and gently lay the flowered sphere into the box.  Crumple lightweight tissue and gently cluster around the corners of the box.

Once delivered, carefully insert your top sphere into the bottom of your topiary wedding decorations.  Until delivered, be sure to periodically check your florals and make sure the water in the foam is replenished if needed.

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