tall wedding centerpieces

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Now your flower insertions don't have to be so perfect.  Insert some of the roses a little deeper to give more depth.  Also cluster some of the flower heads closer together.

If you don't wish to use quite as many flowers, you may want to consider adding in some filler flowers, such a baby's breath, statice or miniature pomps.

You'll notice I always insert one variety at a time.  I like to plan out my design ahead, then separate the flowers when it comes time to design.  This way you don't get too enthusiastic and put too many flowers in one centerpiece, running out before you have all your centerpieces finished.

Designing a lot of the same piece also works well if you set up long tables and work down assembly line style.  This keeps the designs uniform and closer to the same size.

I often counter balance tables, putting one high arrangement at a table and perhaps a low table wreath at the nearby table.  This adds more interest to your overall room design.  Now tuke in those folded aspidistra leaves in between the other flowers and use greens on any empty spots that you can see the foam.

Don't forget the finishing touches.  Table scatter or a cluster of votive candles can add a lot of interest to the table settings.

These flowers are going to have to be transported, moved around and handled.

I like to be sure my stems stay in place by using Floralock Stem Adhesive.  It has a long straw that is inserted into the nozzle after the can has been thoroughly shaken.  Squirt in short bursts to ovoid dripping.

Once finished, be sure to mist well with a flower sealant.  I consider this one of the most important products in my stock.  I mist often after checking the foam each day to see if water needs to be added.  Mist well and allow to dry.

If you can't refrigerate, turn the air conditioning down low, start a cool mist air humidifier and your flowers will be fine.

Sit back and enjoy all the compliments, as I know your arrangements will be gorgeous!

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