tall vase centerpieces

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Tall vase centerpieces are really not that much more difficult to design than a lower centerpiece, but you do have to keep in mind that different parts may be to be designed separately, transported to your reception venue and then finish assembling at the reception hall.

I'm now putting in these pale lavender cushion mums to provide a great contrast against the dark greenery.

Be sure to insert some of your flowers from the sides, paying attention to where the flower head faces.

The ones at the top should face upwards, gradually tilting the flower face out and then downward as you get to the bottom of the Iglu.

Turn your vase around to be sure that the flowers balance on all sides.

Tilt some of the flower heads downward went inserting in the bottom of the Oasis Iglu.

Lower your position to occasionally view from the side angles.

Are your lovely mums a little too short?  Since flowers are a product of nature, you have to learn how to work with flowers that may need to be extended a bit longer to work in your flower arrangement.

I cut off the other two cushion laterals and have a longer stem for this one.  Chrysanthemums tend to have long stems, so you may not want to be too hasty in throwing them into the trash can.

Here's a simple florist tip.  If you need a longer stem, take one of the long stems you've cut off other mums, and clean off the leaves and give a clean cut on both ends.

Mums have a long stem with leaves, which generally turn into thinner laterals at the top that branch off the main stem.   Insert the short chrysanthemum stem into your newly cut extension (bigger) stem.

Now you have a longer stem for insertion!  This usually works only for flowers in the chrysanthemum family.  If you have taken care not to crush the stems, the water will still travel up the cells and reach the flower at the top.  

This helps considerably when you are creating long and tall florals and need longer stems.  Never throw away buds, clean stems or leaves that you may work into corsage or boutonniere work.  Get the most out of your flower budget that you can!

Or you can simply insert the shorter stems a little deeper into the design.

This will add some depth perception to your flower design.

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