table skirting designs

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Table skirting designs include ready made skirting that will give you a gorgeous look simply by laying it on the table. One design is called a "curly willow" look.

Again, read the fine print. You get what you pay for.  The lightweight version compared to the lightweight ones is a big difference.

This design just shows a small swag on front of the table skirting.  Mirrors and the flower arrangements hold it in place.  This skirt is available in 12 different colors.

Are you into sparkle and glamour?  Check out beautiful sequined tablecloths that drape beautifully and come in different colors.

The colors get rave reviews, although some complaint online was that the white sequined cloths have a rather dull look.

The gorgeous swirls of sequins catch the light and creates a lot of contrasting sparkle.

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