daisy boutonniere

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This single daisy boutonniere depends on greenery to bring a fresh look to an old favorite.  I love using fresh greenery when making boutonnieres or corsages.  You may want to seal it first with a leaf polish so it keeps fresh longer.

This is a sprig of miniature eucalyptus which has a pleasing scent.  You can use the green leaves of the flowers used for the boutonniere as well.

Using a 22 gauge florist wire, lay it next to the greenery stem.

Create a hairpin hook by carefully bending it over and around a leaf on the stem.  You want to "hook" the wire so it doesn't slide off the stem.

Apply florist tape, stretching and pulling it downward, tightly winding it around the eucalyptus stem.  Tape right over the bottom leaf.

This will give you a long, bendable stem that is easier to control.

Making a boutonniere is easier once you've taped and wired your flowers and greenery.  You can then bend the head forward without fear of snapping it off.

Place the greenery stem directly behind the daisy.  The top of the greens should be visible over the top of the flower when pinned to the lapel.

Fasten the two stems together with green stem wrap and wind it down the stem, stretching and pulling as you go.

I'm using a leaf from an Asiatic lily to create more interest for this boutonniere.  I like using different foliage to give fresh and unique looks to every design I create.

Pierce the leaf with a florist wire in a stitch pattern as shown below.

Fold both ends of the wire down, creating a wire stem that is longer.

Use florist tape to secure the wire to the bottom of the leaf.  I like to create a slightly concave look to the leaf (gently folded inwards).

Most professional florists use a product that is used to polish, clean and seal fresh leaves.  Leafshine is one of my favorites to use.  It does come in a smaller can for a single wedding use.

Create a framework of foliage behind this daisy boutonniere by placing the leaf that was just wired behind the head of the flower.

Again, be sure the greenery shows above the top edge of the daisy before taping the two pieces together.

Tape with florist tape and wind it all the way down the stem.

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