simple wedding bouquet

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This simple wedding bouquet begins with Salal leaves.  It's cool to add greenery to your design for the contrast between the greens and the bright colors of your flowers.  Add visual interest to a bouquet with a variety textures and colors for a bouquet that really pops in wedding pictures.

Here is a single stem of Salal leaf, also commonly known as Lemon Leaf.

I'm going to take these leaves off one by one and add to the bouquet holder with straight pearl headed corsage pins or shorter pixi pins.

First I'm going to pleat my leaves to add another interesting element to the design.  Although this is a truly simple wedding bouquet to make, it's going to look like a million bucks when you're done because of your attention to detail.

Once folded, I simply staple the leaf to hold the pleat securely.

I pin my first leaf in place with a boutonniere pin.

Repeat the steps of folding the leaves and place each one just below the previous.  You'll see a curve pattern form going down this holder.

The pleats will hold firmly because of the stapled ends.  From this point, you can quickly create the whole line of leaves from top to bottom.

I find this much easier than trying to glue the leaves into place with floral adhesive.

You can see how the leaves are layered down in this flower design.  I'm not concerned about the stems of the leaves laying on top of the foam rather than inserted into it, since salal leaves hold up much longer than flowers which need a constant water source.

Creating patterns like this in a round circle are known as biedermeier bouquets. 

Once I've finished with the salal leaves, I'm ready to move on to the next step.

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