how to make wedding bouquets

You can make wedding bouquets with my easy step by step tutorials.  I give you a list of needed products, flowers and greenery.  I carry everything you need in my online store to make fabulous floral designs.  I don't insist on large minimum purchases, so you buy only what you need.

For this lovely mixed bouquet design, you'll need the following products.  Just keep in mind that you can change the colors (or even flower varieties!) to create your own favorite wedding color palette.

You can make wedding flower designssss at home if you take care to treat your flowers the same way a professional florist would.  Wholesale flowers cut straight from the farm are bred to last a long time in regular temperatures.

To get the longest life, be sure to process your flowers correctly immediately upon arrival.  This means using a few essential products such as Crystal Clear cut flower food, a re-hydrator like Quick Dip and a through misting with Finishing Touch.

I have many step by step tutorials, showing you everything from beginning to end.  After you've check out those, you can move on to the Recipe Pages, which gives you a product list and brief directions for design.  If you need help, always refer back to the tutorials for bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, church decors and outside decorations.

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