Simple bridal bouquets

I love simple bridal bouquets with mixed greenery.  Here I'm adding in a bit of leather leaf fern.  The bright green of leather leaf is a great addition to any wedding, since it is inexpensive and has lovely laterals.  Compare to some competing  "wholesale sites" that sell their leather leaf  bunches with only 10 - 15 stems.

Our full bunches usually have 15 - 25 stems - and are sold by weight.  I sell by single grower bunches.  I may charge a bit more, but I give you a full grower's bunch every time and let you purchase only what you need rather than a full case.

For this design, I cut off separate the laterals as shown below.  A clean cut with a knife makes it easier to insert into the florist foam.

I'm going to tuck this lateral in behind the salal leaf at the top of the holder.

This greenery will hide the foam that shows on the sides of the bouquet, concealing the foam back of the holder.

I want the laterals of the leather long enough to show, giving a decided texture contrast to the broad lemon leaf.

Continue to fill on down, following the curved line of the salal.

Now I'm going to insert some lily grass in loops on the side of the bouquet design.

Lily grass is firm enough to insert the clean cut tips into the foam, yet flexible enough to bend into loops without breaking the grass stem.

I inserted several loops to the right side of the bouquet, creating a lovely pattern of grass.  You can skip the grass if you prefer and simply fill in the remainder with more leather leaf fern.

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