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Church Candelabra Flowers

Free and Easy Wedding Flower Tutorials

The church flower decoration shown below was created in silk for a bride that purchased her own silk flowers.  The design principals are the same, however, when using fresh flowers.

Be sure to process your dry pack flowers correctly.  The is always the first (and most important) step to long lasting fresh flowers.  Feel free to exchange colors, flower varieties, or add in fresh greenery.  Many wholesale flower sites insist on DIY brides purchasing large minimums.  I sell by single bunches to give you more control - both over your flower budget and to allow you more freedom of design looks.

Ten bunches of leather leaf fern is a LOT OF GREENERY!  I would rarely order that much for a single wedding unless I was doing a large amount of church florals or wedding reception tables.  "Free Delivery is padded into the price of the flowers.  

I'm rather shocked by some claims of what "retail" claims are on some well known flower sites.  My goal is for DIY brides to actually save money by providing the labor themselves - not simply create more work for them!  Ten bunches of leather in my area is about $60 - $70 retail - not $15.00 per bunch as alleged.  You end up paying retail price and are forced to buy a lot more than you need to get that price.

My advice is always to read carefully about buying wholesale  and always comparison shop before purchasing any flowers or florist supplies online.  "Bargains" are not always saving you money . . but could be simply adding a lot more stress and work to your wedding day preparations.  You CAN create your own flowers and save money, but you need to choose where you purchase so that you aren't just pouring out money that doesn't really save you in the long run.

Now - on to the tutorial!