Satin and Tulle Pew Bow

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There are several ways you can attach your satin and tulle bows to church pews.  You can use a pew clip, a small ball of floral clay, or a length of the tulle to tie it.  It's wise to check out your pews ahead of time to figure out the best way of attaching them.

Always keep in mind the venue's policy - some may not allow tape or sticky products of any kind.  Another great alternative is Uglu.  This great product is secure and holds the ribbon firmly in place, but can be balled up and removed without damage to the wood.

Just pull off the protective outer tab, press to the side of the pew and pull off the outer tab.  Then press the ribbon firmly to the glue.

If you decide not to have time for making your own pew bows, be sure to check out the easy pull bows in both solid and bi-color selections.

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