Rose Wedding Bouquets

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Rose wedding bouquets take on a decided interest when I add a contrasting color.  Stock is available in both single stems (heavier and larger blooms) and spray stock (smaller laterals coming off a main stem).  This flower has a heavenly spicy scent and is reminiscent of hydrangeas once in a bouquet.  It is much hardier than hydrangeas and doesn't wilt as easily.

This makes it a good choice for corsage and boutonniere work that doesn't have a water source.

I cut the stock apart in smaller pieces.  Please note that this is cream stock, which has a distinctive green cast to it.  White is lighter in shade, but still has a green tinge.

This bride wanted an old fashioned look of garden flowers.  This is why we went with cream so to give some contrast to the ivory white flowers.

The stock fills in the holes between the rose heads quickly.

Look at all sides of your bouquet to fill all holes that are open.

This bouquet is fairly cost effect and is very easy to create.

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