Rose Wedding Bouquets

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Rose wedding bouquets take their shape from the length of their rose stems.  I'm beginning to lengthen the stems.  If I don't do this, my bouquet will take on a rounded sphere shape.  I want a domed shape bouquet, not a round.

Continue to angle the flower face towards the outer rim of the bouquet.

I circle around the design, filling in roses as I go.  Don't feel you have to pack them too tightly, since I plan to add stock flower in between the rose heads.

You'll see openings between the flower heads as shown below.

The closer I get to the outer part the longer my stems become.  Don't bury these as deeply as the top roses or you'll begin to crowd the foam with too many stems.  Insert just deep enough to get a good hold on the stem.

The bouquet is now building a nice domed shape from a side view.

Always be sure to rotate and look at your bouquet from both the top and the sides as you build your design.

See how my flower heads are angled towards the center and facing outwards in a growing pattern.

Here's a top view of the same roses.

The bottom row of roses can actually have a slight downward tilt.

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