Red Rose Wedding Bouquet

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A single bunch of tree fern goes a long way and is a perfect (and cheap!) way to add a light feathery feel to your bouquets and corsages.

Here is a single stem that has lots of individual laterals that can be snipped off and inserted into foam.

It's common name attributes to the look of a miniature tree with lots of branches.

I don't want to overpower my design with too much, but if you want a stronger look simply add in more laterals as a mass.

Here I've pulled back to show a bigger view.

Here is a look at all the greenery together.

Next I'm going to add in more Lily grass at the bottom.  But instead of loops (as I did at the top) I'm going to leave them as a long, unbroken sweep of grass to draw the eye downward to the length of the cascade.

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