Purple Wedding Flower Bouquets

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Purple wedding flowers come in many different shades, from a deep purple to red violet.  Please note that many flower farms that grow flowers may classify them as "purple" - which is a totally different shade than a purple crayon.  Realize that computer and cell phone screens can also be a distortion of color because of the settings.

Purple gladiolus are usually a vibrant violet color as shown below.

The flowers are shipped in dry pack, with most of the head still not in bloom.  You need to allow a day or so before designing so the flowers can open up to their true beauty.

Gladiolus have rather thick stems, but that are a natural for inserting into a cascade to make a long line that draws the eye downward.

Don't skip the top part of the gladiolus that have a hint of color that will continue to open up as the bouquet is brought out into the warmth of the day.

I cut another portion of the gladiolus to insert into the upper right.

The I added another bloom on the left side in the same manner.

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